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More work samples available upon request. 

KING_Tucker_MainPhoto-5_1504405789441_10 | Longform Multimedia Narrative | October 23, 2017

Taylor was named a 2018 Livingston Award finalist for her work on this long-form multimedia narrative, which tells the story of a Washington state sex trafficking victim's journey to freedom. 

Jennifer Tucker was trapped in the sex industry — beaten, raped and manipulated by customers and pimps for years. But something stronger than chains held her captive.

KING 5 | Multi-Platform Investigation | 2018 - 2019

Taylor won a Peabody Award for this multi-part, year-long investigation, which revealed the stunning failures of Washington public schools to provide support and services for students with disabilities. 

She and co-reporter Susannah Frame uncovered cases where districts segregated students from their non-disabled peers, unnecessarily restrained and isolated students in closet-like rooms, and warehoused students with the most severe disabilities instead of providing them their civil and legal right to an appropriate education.

KING | Narrative & Mini-Documentary  | March 1, 2019 

Taylor followed a Washington state police officer and a former inmate for more than a year to tell this story of their unique friendship and the lessons learned from it. 

This story includes a long-form written narrative, in addition to a 9-minute documentary about their relationship. 

KING 5 | Investigation (TV & Digital) | November 13, 2018

In this five-month investigation, Taylor exposed how Army leaders failed a Washington wounded soldier they had a duty to help.


Staff sergeant Kord Ball went to war for our country, and came back forever changed. But the safeguards in place to protect this wounded soldier didn't work — and left him broken again. 


KING 5 | Investigation (TV & Digital) | November 20, 2018

Health care professionals at JBLM's Madigan Army Medical Center

speak exclusively to Taylor about a system that fails to care for soldiers suffering from PTSD and other mental health conditions.


ewscripps.brightspotcdn.jpg | Photo & Audio Story | May 26, 2016

Most children know too much about their favorite toys, video games and the hottest shows on TV. Meet the Tri-State children who know too much about heroin.

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 11.56.34 | Investigation | September 5, 2018

Students attending hundreds of schools in the state of Washington could face an increased risk of contracting some preventable diseases because immunization completion rates aren't high enough to protect them in the event of an outbreak, a KING 5 analysis of statewide vaccination rates found.

583001788_750x422.png | Digital Story | August 14, 2018

Richard "Beebo" Russell left authorities with a blueprint of significant security flaws within the U.S. aviation industry and a wake-up call that counterterrorism and aviation security experts say the country must take seriously.

TM_PoliceCivilians_01_1468337724636_3965 | Photo Story | July 12, 2016

We asked officers and civilians for solutions to improve relationships with each other.  Their ideas came in the wake of a deadly week for police and civilians — days after a sniper shot 14 people and killed five Dallas police officers at a Black Lives Matter protest. Earlier that week, two fatal officer-involved shootings in Baton Rouge and Falcon Heights, Minnesota sparked national outcry and led to Seattle-area protests. 

KING_JohnSchool_5-1_1508441192147_114419 | Digital Story | October 23, 2017

The unique class is the final and most unconventional part of the punishment for many of the men caught patronizing prostitutes in King County, where local prosecutors and many police agencies have recently shifted their focus to reducing the demand for sex instead of targeting the people who sell it.

431370587_750x422.jpg | Digital Story | April 15, 2017

The man behind the non-profit program says it's not a housing project. It's a community-building project. 

543941567_1140x641.jpg | Digital Story | March 22, 2017

In the face of a nationwide heroin crisis, more law enforcement agencies are beginning to investigate overdose deaths as crimes, in order to prosecute dealers when the drugs they sell kill their customers.

ewscripps.brightspotcdn-1.jpg | Multimedia Digital Story | May 3, 2016

It’s a story that thousands of Tri-State heroin addicts also share — highs so strong and withdrawals so severe that their children aren't guarded from the sight of needles and straws.

school.jpg | Digital Story | March 6, 2018

A good threat assessment plan could be the recipe for stopping the next school shooter. But if Washington school districts have a poor plan in place or no process at all, the state doesn't have a clue.

ewscripps.brightspotcdn-2.jpg | Digital Profile | November 30, 2015
Meet Hamilton County coroner, Lakshmi Sammarco.


She's the only person in the county with the power to arrest the Hamilton County sheriff, she's got the FBI's local director on speed-dial and she's earned respect from most in law enforcement as a woman working in what her colleagues call a man's world.