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Video Stories 

Digital video, TV packages & documentary-style work

Taylor shot, wrote and edited each of the video stories below. She shoots on DSLR cameras and knows how to use several different editing programs, including Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. She's a 2015 graduate of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) News Video Workshop.


Uncuffed: Former Inmate, Cop Form Friendship After Rocky Start (9:09) 

Officer Jenifer Eshom set out to teach a woman in prison how to live uncuffed. But the cop had her own lessons to learn.

This mini-documentary published online as part of a six-chapter multimedia narrative.  


Army Leaders Fail Sick Soldier Who Needed Help (6:33) 

Former staff sergeant Kord Ball went to war for this country and came back forever changed. 


In a 5-month investigation, KING 5's Taylor Mirfendereski reveals how the safeguards in place to protect the wounded soldier fell apart and left him broken again.

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Whistleblowers: Army Ignoring Advice Of Medical Experts (5:26)

In this follow up investigation, health care professionals at Madigan Army Medical Center reveal there's a troubling pattern at Joint-Base Lewis McChord.


They say local soldiers recovering from the mental stress of combat are seen as troublemakers instead of soldiers in need of help.

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Flag-waving Veteran Saving Lives On The Overpass (1:54) 

For nearly a decade, thousands have caught a glimpse of Fred Pepper waving an American flag during their morning commute on Interstate 405 in Renton, WA.


KING 5's Taylor Mirfendereski stopped to find out why. 

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TV PACKAGE | KING 5 | 10.27.17

Unshackled: A Prostitute's Journey To Freedom

Jennifer Tucker was trapped in the sex industry — beaten, raped and manipulated by customers and pimps for years. But something stronger than chains held her captive.

This is the TV version of a long-form nine-chapter multimedia narrative about Tucker's journey to freedom.


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School Immunizations (3:57)

A KING 5 analysis of school immunization data revealed that most Washington schools are failing to meet the state's target for vaccinations. 

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TV PACKAGE | KING 5 | 11.9.17

A Pimp's Playbook: How A Former Pimp Talked His Way Into Women's Lives (4:11)

Galen Harper says he pimped women for more than 10 years. This is how and why he did it. 

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PHOTO ESSAY | KING 5 | 3.24.18

Seattle March For Our Lives 

High school students led thousands of protesters in Seattle and in other cities across America on March 24, 2018 to demand tighter gun regulations following recent high-profile shootings.


This photo essay aired on TV and on 

DIGITAL VIDEO | KING 5 | 2.22.18

Heroin's Children (3:19)

Alex Lovelace, who says she stopped using heroin in November 2016, had been preparing for weeks to give her daughter a new start.

But while the mother strives to make up for lost time with her kid, she faces a reality of heroin addiction that she never considered when she got high. Alia -- and thousands of other kids left behind by addicted parents -- know too much about a drug they should be too young to understand.

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TV PACKAGE | KING 5 | 2.10.17

Gender In Question (4:05)

This teenager's story is not a scenario many adults yet understand. But society’s concept of gender is dramatically changing, especially among youth. It’s a shift from a world where people only identified as either male or female, at least openly. Now, many consider gender a spectrum — independent of genitals — with endless options in between boy and girl.


Picture Imperfect: Family's Stunning Revelation About Son's Killer (7:20)

Bill and Kim Sefton had achieved the “American dream.” Despite humble beginnings, they raised two successful children, reached their professional goals and finally had the time — and money — to leave their Butler County home to see the world. But in February 2015, life took a turn they never saw coming. They buried their youngest son, along with his deadly secret.


Mission Critical: A broken soldier's way home  (13:54)

As our nation's longest war winds down in Afghanistan, thousands of military families can thank an elite group of U.S. Air Force medical providers for bringing their critically-wounded loved ones home alive. Those doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists were trained at the University of Cincinnati's Medical Center in a program largely modeled after the civilian hospital's life-saving methods.

WCPO's Taylor Mirfendereski followed the military medical workers from the Cincinnati classroom to Afghanistan's Bagram Airfield, where one team would be called on to save a man's life.



Glass Half Empty: An American Water War (58:34)

In 2012, Taylor began following six families in northeast Pennsylvania who had been searching for clean drinking water ever since the natural gas industry came to town.


This story documents their journey navigating a complicated landscape, as the nation engaged in a fierce debate about hydraulic fracturing and its potential impact on drinking water resources. 

Read about the documentary.